Sponsoring organisations will be involved throughout the awards programme; from launch event, during the call for entries, through to the category sessions at the awards conference and of course the ceremony itself.
There are five exclusive category sponsorship packages for the 2021/2 programme. If your organisation is interested in supporting the programme and would like to know more, please complete the form below or contact Lauren@chamberdunn.co.uk.

1. Award for Prevention
This category seeks to recognise projects that have enabled significant improvement
in the earlier detection of illness or have tackled the causes of illness and inequalities.
Projects may focus on proactive, predictive, and/or personalised prevention of specific
diseases, or improving wellbeing and resilience.
2. Award for Patient empowerment
This category seeks to recognise projects that have empowered patients from passive
to active stakeholders, where patients are actively involved in their health management,
resulting in better health outcomes.
3. Award for Lean care systems
This category looks to recognise projects that have streamlined care systems to
minimise wasteful activities.
4. Award for Low carbon alternatives
A significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions arise from the manufacture and
supply of drugs and equipment. This category seeks projects which bring treatments
and technologies with lower environmental impact, specifically new and novel
5. Sustainability Champion of the Year
This award seeks to celebrate the sustainability champions who have influenced their
workplace, patients and communities with their passion for the greener healthcare

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